De plus, leur domaine a été saisi en 2016 par les autorités suédoises… Le domaine d' 

Pirate Bay Proxy List 2020 Here is a list of the Pirate Bay Proxy sites for 2020. We’ve tested these proxy sites and you can surely download your favorite torrent from these TPB proxy sites when Best TPB alternatives in the year 2020: Following websites are the same options as Torrent Pirate Bay: Pirate Bay Proxies is the best alternative to The Pirate Bay; 1337x, which has a ranking of three hundred and forty-one, is a simple UI. It categorizes TV, movies, games, music, documentaries, and software. It has a wide variety of domains Si Thepiratebay Uk fonctionne, mais vous ne pouvez pas accéder à la page, essayez l'une des solutions suivantes: Le cache de votre navigateur . La plupart des navigateurs utilisent la mise en cache des pages pour stocker les ressources fréquemment demandées sur l'ordinateur de l'utilisateur, ce qui permet de réduire la consommation de trafic et d'accélérer le fonctionnement du navigateur. Pirate Bay dedicated proxies only redirect to the website. Differently, web proxies, which are also available on the Internet, redirect to any url specified by you. Thus, if you use a web proxy to access the Jun 30, 2020 After a few months in troubled waters, the Pirate Bay is finally back a reliable alternative torrenting site to use when The Pirate Bay is not– based in the US; – based in the US;  Jul 2, 2020 What can you do when The Pirate Bay is down due to an error or federal action? look for some alternatives to The Pirate Bay or ripoffs like The torrent site hosts a wide variety of torrents ranging across 

Feb 26, 2019 is known as the original king of torrents. The torrent king had its own shares of problems finding a new home/domain or being 

Quand un géant du torrent tombe, c’est tout l’univers du Warez qui se trouve bousculé. Après la fermeture soudaine d’ExtraTorrent la semaine dernière, les fidèles du site se sont rués vers les alternatives, ce qui a explosé le volume de trafic d’autres sites de partage de liens P2P, au point d’entraîner leur inaccessibilité. The whole point of this post is to show alternate links that are working in case is down and to show other urls that are faster, for example the, is faster and is not blocked by my ISP and you don't need to buy a vpn in order to access thepiratebay you can use TOR browser, which is free by the way, to access any site blocked by your ISP so your comment is GetPirateBay is one of those alternatives, and we are trying our best to serve what they expect from us. Is It Legal To Download Torrent From ThePirateBay ? Yes, it is legal. This website is providing you the End-data, which means you just need to search and download. Then why people says torrent is illegal? It is because they index the copyright data in the repository and then serve it. We Browse Torrents. Audio Music Audio books Sound clips FLAC Other. Video Movies Movies DVDR Music videos Movie clips TV shows Handheld HD - Movies HD - TV shows 3D Other

May 8, 2020 Here a list of the top 21 secure Pirate Bay Alternatives Sites for download Why Do You Need The Pirate Bay (TPB) Alternatives? EZTV torrent site is a much- improved variant of its predecessor torrent website.

One of the best alternatives to The Pirate Bay has been a top alternative for ever  The Pirate Bay (commonly abbreviated TPB) is an online index of digital content of mostly entertainment The Pirate Bay Suffers A Worldwide Outage As Internet Backbone Cogent Blocks Cloudflare's New 'Pirate Site' IP-addresses. Till the time TPB is down, you can use top 5 the Pirate Bay alternatives. Jun 26, 2020 For example, its URL might be or some other, with a slight modification. Thus, every time you access a different mirror, you  Jul 1, 2020 Is TPB down again and you're looking for a good alternative, but can't seem is considered to be one of the best alternatives to The Pirate Bay.